Digital Advertising Case Study: Asheville Lash Company (Part 1)

The underlying belief of BrandGrow is that any growing company can use fundamental digital marketing principles regardless of industry or size. As an example, we worked with a new business just opening their doors in the small mountain town of Asheville in North Carolina. This is the story of, Sonja, and her adventure growing a custom eyelash extension salon from nothing. She decided to open up her first solan in downtown Asheville and let us document the results of our work together. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to write a case study about their experience with digital ads and share the results.

It started a few months back when we were discussing the business idea as a whole. It sounded like a very exciting and challenging project for us to tackle. Taking the plunge on a new business idea isn’t easy and doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people, but the vision was very clear: to build a thriving eyelash extension business. We talked about the goals for Asheville Lash Company, and we came to some conclusions about what we needed to do.

First, a little about BrandGrow. We have experience with clients across the board in terms of industry and size. We have worked with large furniture retailers, B2B SaaS companies, and most would be considered large or enterprise. What is interesting is that the principles, strategies, and tactics used at a larger scale also work at medium or even start-up scale. For BrandGrow, working with a brick and mortar location presented a fun new challenge for us to take on (learn more about our digital advertising services).

For this case study, we’re only going to focus on one of the services that we currently offer, digital advertising. It is a multi-layer approach to online ads utilizing multiple platforms, customer data points, and results-oriented approach. Our belief is that there are many ways for your customers to find you, so you have to either be very sure of when, where, how, and why your customer is going to buy from you or we have to figure that out over the course of the campaign.

They already had a lot of the crucial basics covered in terms of being ready to promote the business. They had a strong “home base” website to for customers to engage with, they had strong branding with skilled photography and graphic design work and we had a clear set of customer definitions. Going through our extensive on-boarding process was pretty straightforward and we were able to get the campaigns built pretty quickly (You can set up an appointment to learn more about our process).

Here is what you need to know

  • We started with a $500 / Month budget
  • We decided to split up the budget across three platforms where we knew we would reach their potential customers the best: AdWords, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • We built some ads based on their work and they worked the branding until it was to their liking.
  • We created some custom audiences based on whether or not people had converted or not. They had a developer which made it easy to set up these conversion points.

AdWords Ad

adwords sample text ad

Instagram Adinstagram ad sample

Facebook Ad

facebook ad sample

Our target location

adwords ppc display tageting sample

Our main demographic target

adwords ppc display demographic targeting sample

Our tracked conversions

adwords ppc display conversions sample

For their advertising setup, we agreed that it was important to go straight for the appointment scheduling right away. This cuts out some of the time it can take to build up an audience through awareness, but that was the approach we wanted to start with to see how it would go. I should mention here, that not every business will take this approach because it is pretty aggressive. For Asheville Lash Company, it was more important for them to build the brand awareness themselves primarily using Facebook and Instagram tactics that are free but take time to do.

So what happened? Did we get the results that we had hoped for? Stay tuned for part two of this story. You can follow us on Facebook or signup for the email list and be the first to hear about part two!